Marietta Mifsud - Creative

31.05.2017 - Veronica Frattaruolo

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Born in Malta, and currently living in Mosta. She started her studies at MCAST Art and Design and graduated with BA (Hons) in Graphic Design and Interactive Media. She was introduced to graphic design at a young age, when a tutor at her secondary school decided to teach her photoshop, and from day one she was hooked, and started making manipulations, since then her love for design and illustration kept growing

What she does

She believes that good design is the process of crafting the ideal experience for the target audience to engage with.

Her passions

She has a flair for illustration and branding, and when she is out of the office she is usually sketching, or getting stuck-in to design books to sharpen her skills.

Her job here at Think 

Coming from a background of graphic design and print, Marietta takes care of establishing the aesthetic of our websites, also with a focus on user experience. When she is not designing she is most likely engaging in friendly banter with her colleagues.

Marietta Mifsud - Creative