Digital Marketing

Social media

A strong social media presence is essential to businesses today, to stay in the forefront of people's minds. A good combination of content is required to keep existing customers interested and entertained while still attracting a new audience. We can guide you to plan and implement a social media strategy that will be effective across the various platforms.

Social Media Campaigns

Social media is a great tool for reaching out to a large audience on a small budget but it's very easy for your message to get lost amid the thousands of other companies that are sending theirs too. We can help you to find your voice, increase your likes, shares and create interaction with your audience. We'll also advise you in the best and most effective way to purchase and use boosted ads.


Losing money with ineffective marketing is frustrating; we'll help you to figure out the best way to use your budget to ensure that it is used in the most effective and efficient way. Online marketing campaigns require constant monitoring to keep up with the smallest changes in the market; at Think we monitor your campaigns and ensure they are as effective as possible.


Coming up with content can be tedious and time consuming. We'll help you to do this while keeping in mind the voice and personality of your business, creating a consistent and effective strategy.

Newsletter Marketing

Many businesses accumulate a multitude of email addresses throughout their daily business transactions. We can put these addresses to good use by incorporating them into a newsletter campaign that sends out frequent mailshot updates related to your business. We'll set up your newsletters, create a great template to tie into your branding, write your content and set up reporting so you can monitor the effectiveness of your campaign.

Marketing Design

Think will help you produce a variety of marketing and advertising materials. Whether it's graphic design for digital campaigns or design for print, we can help to guide you to produce effective material to promote your business over any medium. We're experienced in producing digital and traditional advertising materials. We'll also help you design for effective marketing campaigns that run from beginning to end.

Digital Marketing